Secure file transfer and storage in multiple geolocations made easy

How does it work?

Getting Started

  • Register a new account by selecting a suitable subscription plan
  • Choose your geolocation for file storage and create one or more workspaces to hold files

Sending Files

  • Send a file bundle to one or more recipients in a single step, by uploading files into your workspace, specifying the recipient email address, and selecting the recipient authentication method
  • Recipients receive an email with a link from where they can download the files after authentication
  • You receive a notification email once the recipients have downloaded the files

Requesting Files

  • File upload requests may also be sent to recipients where they receive an email with a link from where they can upload files to you after authentication
  • You receive a notification email once the recipients have uploaded the requested files

Storing Files, Etc

  • You may also store files in your workspaces for future download or distribution
  • No need to create user accounts for recipients, they can be authenticated via 3rd party social logins or SMS access codes and more


  • Files are grouped in file bundles for ease of management and distribution
  • Send, request, receive, store files securely via the cloud in your preferred geolocation
  • Files may be sent to, or received from, any recipient with a valid email address (even outside your organisation)
  • Multiple forms of recipient authentication and support for expiry dates
  • File transfers may include messages to and from recipients with notifications and audit trailing
  • Multiple geolocations to comply with "safe harbour" and other privacy requirements
  • All files stored and transferred in industry approved encrypted format
  • Use only your browser, with no additional software or plug-ins required
  • Large files and resume supported

Rock Solid Security:

  • Cloud hosting on secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  • Organisational accounts with multiple users and role based authorisation
  • Multi-factor authentication account login support
  • Supports authentication of recipients for upload and download of files
  • File bundles directly transferred in and out of your preferred geolocation
  • Restrict file download by IP address

Enterprise Class Platform:

  • Built and run by a team with experience in finance and health industries
  • Built as an enterprise class platform utilising best practices for building large and secure systems
  • Supports authentication of non-federated recipients for upload and download of files

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Easily transfer files securely across organisational boundaries, without having to create user accounts for those users outside of your organisation.